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The Edge Malaysia Top Property Developers Awards ranks the best property players - based on their quantitative and qualitative attributes.

The ranking is based on the conviction that the quantitative attributes of a developer alone are not sufficient to earn the title of an outstanding player. In short, a developer is not judged solely on how profitable it is, or the number of homes it builds and sells each year. This is imperative because Malaysian property buyers are becoming more discerning and demanding in terms of quality and innovation.

In view of the changing and competitive property development landscape, top property developers are expected to exhibit outstanding quantitative and qualitative attributes.

All companies listed in the property sector of the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia are automatically considered for the award ranking whereas non-listed companies are required to submit their entries.

The results of The Edge Malaysia Top Property Developers Awards are audited by Deloitte Malaysia.


Points are awarded for each of the quantitative and qualitative attributes identified. These are:

Quantitative attributes (based on the latest financial year end)

  1. Shareholders' funds
  2. Revenue
  3. Profit before tax
  4. Net gearing

Based on data extracted from signed audited accounts submitted as part of the entry requirements or data certified by the companies and external auditors (for non-listed property developers).

Qualitative attributes

  1. Quality of product (service, finish, timeliness)
  2. Innovation and creativity (product, marketing)
  3. Value creation for buyers (capital appreciation)
  4. Image market perception (credibility, management style, effectiveness)
  5. Expertise (management, experience)

Points are awarded by a distinguished panel of judges comprising top property gurus in Malaysia and The Edge.

Note: The judges abstain from deliberation and awarding points for companies in which they may have an interest.

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The Edge Malaysia-PAM Green Excellence Award recognises property developments with sustainable designs that are innovative and outstanding while contributing positively to the community.

Entries are judged on innovation (above the industry standard required by GBI, LEEDS, BCA Green Mark or other similarly recognised green building certification), design, sustainability, relevance to the community, implementation and cost efficiency.

The five-member judging panel comprises representatives from PAM (Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia), GBI (Green Building Index), MGBC (Malaysia Green Building Confederation) and The Edge.

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The Edge Malaysia-PEPS Value Creation Excellence Award measures the capital appreciation of properties from the developer’s selling price to the subsequent resale price in secondary transactions.

The capital appreciation is based on the average percentage increase from the actual transacted price or deemed market value of any subsequent sale of five similar types of properties and the developer’s selling price of those properties, before any discounts accorded for renovations or improvements.

The Edge Malaysia-PEPS Value Creation Excellence Award consists of two categories:

  • Residential
  • Non-residential (industrial and commercial)

The five-member judging panel comprises representatives from PEPS (Persatuan Pernilai, Pengurus Harta, Ejen Tanah & Perunding Swasta Malaysia/Association of Valuers, Property Managers, Estate Agents and Property Consultants in the Private Sector Malaysia) and The Edge.

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The Edge Malaysia Affordable Urban Housing Excellence Award recognises outstanding affordable housing projects for the urban middle-income group undertaken wholly by private-sector property developers in Malaysia.

The entries are judged on quality of product, design, innovation, accessibility and connectivity, liveability, maintenance, community interaction (public and shared use spaces, safe and secure access), land cost and location.

The selection of this award is by The Edge.